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An invasion of armies...

What price do your websites start at?
A complete four to six page website costs about $1,600 (Canadian.) This includes a custom design.

On a project of this size, the greatest percentage of time will be devoted to the initial design which is then reused throughout the website; A website twice that size (8-12 pages) will on average cost only an additional $500, and by the time you almost double the price to $3,000, you're likely looking at acquiring a website with several dozens of static pages.

Note that static pages are manualy populated with content by the designer. Pages like those generated by shopping carts, blog software, etc. tend to be dynamic and are not billed individually.

How do you calculate your prices?
Each project is estimated for the number of hours it is likely to take, with each hour billed at $65/hr.

What else do I need to know when considering the cost to value ratio?
It's easy enough to develop a website - the challenge lies in getting the most value for your investment. The website you receive from Bytech is tested to work with the most popular versions of Internet Explorer, the latest version of Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers. This accounts for about 95% of the webbrowser market.

The final website will be also search engine optimised and search engine friendly, and developed in a way that decreases maintenance time down the line. (A poorly developed website will limit update possibilities, and increase the amount of time required to make any updates.)