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What do I need to know about Internet Marketing at Bytech?
A website is the first step towards online marketing. Like any other marketing effort, you need to be able to adjust the method over time, based on client and target audience feedback.

With a detailed set of visitor statistics, a tracker gives feedback unique to Internet Marketing. Visitor statistics include details on geography, chronology, technology, entrance and exit pages, search engine performance, and much more. This data should be reviewed on regular basis and utilised in enhancing the website.

Because a visitor tracker is a crucial part of the Internet Marketing strategy, your website will have one by default. Without visitor tracking your website is like a car with the fourth wheel missing - you might leave the driveway, but you won't get very far.

What is the difference between Internet Marketing and Internet Advertising?
Strictly speaking, Internet Marketing is a larger effort consisting of many pieces. Some of these pieces can be simply described as Internet Advertising, but on the Internet true success comes with continued innovation. The information extracted from visitor statistics is your compass, and with its help you can start plotting the best course forward.

Maybe some products do not sell as well on the Internet as they do in store. Do you concentrate on other areas, or a new promotional method? Either way, action is required, and you're well aware of the situation. The statistics will tell you how many people saw your products, and you already know how many made a purchase thus giving you an exact idea how individual parts of your website are performing.

Your commercial failure or success on the Internet might be limited to a geographical area. Again, the visitor statistics are an endless resource for improving sales by identifying weaknesses and strengths across all website areas. We're not just throwing information out there - putting up advertisements and waiting, - now we're listening to the often silent feedback left by visitors and applying it to guide future efforts.

That's Internet Marketing.

Do you register domain names?
Yes, we register and manage the domain names as a value added service. At $39 (Canadian), a 1 year registration is the minimum, with a maximum registration period of 10 years. Registrations for 2 or more years come with a 5% per year discount. (e.g., 5% discount for the second year, 10% discount for the third year, etc.)

Do you offer webhosting?
Yes, we offer everything from secure to standard hosting. Prices start at $131.40 per year.