Systems automation

Most businesses use multiple software platforms. These often require manual labour to keep data synchronised - a time consuming and error prone process that can be eliminated with systems automation.

Does your organisation rely on several web / cloud hosted platforms? Then there's a good chance that a way exists to link those up through systems automation. We can help you save costs and free up your resources to be invested in more creative and profitable ways. Consider some of the costs associated in maintaining the inefficient system:

The most obvious cost is that required to complete the tasks. There are costs (often incalculable) for situations when an error is introduced during the process. Perhaps even less obvious costs are those related to training a team member in the first place. Then, if the team member is promoted or leaves your organisation, you'll require a training budget and someone who understands the system, just to maintain the status quo.

Examples of repetitive tasks that can be automated:

  • Add newsletter subscribers to your CRM, or, the other way around.
  • Update a spreadsheet with data entered into a web portal of any kind e.g. when someone subscribes to your social media stream.
  • Trigger notification by email or SMS when an action is performed on any service e.g. notify your courier when a purchase is made that requires shipping.

The same way that the world was surprised by how quickly and close we're getting to autonomous vehicles, you'll be stunned to learn how much of your daily workload can be done via systems automation. Send an email to, tell us what task your team repeated too many times, and don't want to do ever again. A quick analysis will reveal if we can help, so you and your team can begin addressing other items in your operations and business plan.