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Web Development and Design

Web Development Stages in Graphic Format

How We Create a Website (Web Development and Design)

An overview of a typical web development and design cycle to better prepare you for working with us.

You probably already know and use that which is at the centre of most web sites: the Content Management System.

Often abbreviated as CMS, or CMS platform. Without it, you need a programmer to make every future update to your web site. In summary, a CMS is a:

  • Login system for staff and clients
  • Control panel for adding, editing and viewing website content and users

That's mostly it for the technical bit.

Next up, five important tasks listed roughly in the order of development progress. Depending on how clear an idea of the final website and brand you have, we will work on some of these simultaneously.

1. Pick a Content Management System (CMS), build it.

The role of your website today and in the future are important criteria for choosing your CMS; as is the technology your group is already working with. Drupal and WordPress are two platforms we recommend most often.

2. Add features: Build-up the CMS to include functionality you need.

A good CMS platform is rather simple and doesn't do much out of the box - its power lies in its community and the thousands of modules that add to the functionality your organisation specifically needs.

3. Custom tools and widgets.

If neither the CMS nor existing plugins offer the functionality and features your organisation needs, we'll write custom code to get the job done.

4. Create a theme, replace the generic CMS look with your brand.

Creating a custom theme from the ground up that works on various web browsers, smartphones, tablets and large screens can be time consuming. The CMS has a wide selection of existing themes, all ready to be customised with your brand.

5. Add and style content.

Keep the readers interested in what you have to say. Content that is difficult to read, process and absorb can be made lighter and friendlier with creative presentation.

Those are the basics and overview. You probably already have some questions... we're working on more in-depth details to add and link to. Until then, please contact us and one of us will answer them directly. On the other hand, if you or someone you know would like to be contacted to discuss a specific project or need, use the form below.

The web development and design page was last updated October 14, 2018.